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Sid Solomon - Lead Guitar - The Ninja Cowboys

                                                                    The Whiskey Kings


     At age 12, I picked up my mother's classical guitar - by age 15 I was playing nightclubs in popular rock bands throughout the Orlando, Florida area.  I started studio work at 19 which led to the formation of a prog/hard rock band called The Heat, opening for a nationally touring Southern rock band - and leading to being candidates for an Atlantic Record contract.  I've had good fortune to both know and play with some top notch, well known artists at an early age which hopefully made me a better player. I have many musical influences; my favorites being Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Michael Schenker and Johnny Cash.

     How ironic it is that a Southern boy from the Land of Skynyrd would end up in the Rock & Roll Capital of the World, rockin' country music with some really great players.

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