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Monica Robins - Lead Vocals - The Whiskey Kings & Ninja Cowboys

     Since age fifteen, I’ve been singing in bands.  I gave up trying to be a Rock Star years ago because if I sang for a living, then it would be work.  I sang to help pay my way through college but I couldn’t depend on it to pay the bills.   I truly admire those with the passion to make it a career,  now I  just enjoy playing for people who just want to have a good time.  The positive energy of our fans is contagious and keeps me and hopefully them, coming back for more.
     I’ve been blessed to have worked with some incredible musicians over the years who’ve inspired me to push myself further than I thought possible.  I’ve dabbled in several different types of music including pop, bluegrass, blues, alt, acoustic but my heart belongs to rock and roll.
     Thanks to a lot of moving around due to my day job that pays the bills,  I’ve been in thirteen different bands but the current bands definitely keep me on my toes.  A real necessity to dodge the drum sticks Deke throws at me every time I think I can dance.  My job is simple.  Shut up and sing.
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